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Published September 23, 2012

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has finally released his 2011 tax return to the public. Here are some things that may surprise you.

10. Wrote off depreciation of 50 gallon drum of Grecian Formula.

9. Filed for an extension; needed more time to total how many houses he owned.

8. First copy of returns lost after being tied to roof of car.

7. Return prepared by H&R Block inside a Walmart.

Qualified for $100 refund; spent it all playing Laser Tag.

5. Received tip income from weekend job waiting tables at Denny’s.

Owns 10,000 shares of Spanx.

3. Ann Romney earned $600 helping out at friend’s pet grooming business.

2. Raised in Michigan, but born in Kenya.

1. Claimed Paul Ryan as a dependent.