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Published June 16, 2014

On Sunday morning, the world lost one of the most well-known and beloved radio personalities this our any generation: Casey Kasem.

Rather than mourn his loss, we prefer to celebrate his life by remembering our favorite things about Casey Kasem.

· One of the best radio voices of all time

· Great radio name

· LOTS of countdowns

· Was big in the saying-stuff-before-the-movies-started-in-the-theater world

· Nailed the whole top 40’s countdown thing

· Probably could have done even more than 40 songs but didn’t feel like it

· Sometimes read letters from people but better than most people could

· Probably could have counted down the top 100 even, but had other stuff to do

· Really interesting name

· Sounded like a nice guy – or at least one you’d want to listen to counting down popular songs and/or reading letters

· “American Top 40” – pretty sure that was the show he did

· Hard to think of a better radio name

· Counting down those top 40’s – really can’t stress that one enough

· Sort of frustrating that he never got past the top 40, but I’m sure he had his reasons

· Beloved radio legend

· Died Sunday

· Remembering him now

· Tried to kill Tom Hanks


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