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January 14, 2009


1) I don't know if you have have taken a moment to check out my other blog and bask in the glory that is my new manicure, but if you haven't here are the basic facts you need to know:
  • They are rainbow and cheetah print
  • My BFF Alexis stopped some (CLEARLY) fabulous woman on the street who had them to find out where she got them
  • I was blindfolded by Alexis and taken to get these nails. I had no idea what my fingers were going to look like when they took the blindfold off my face, and this is what they looked like:

My initial thought was that they were so awesome that I needed to fear them. They did make me nervous. I knew I could pull off a look this bold, but I wasn't sure if they would get me in trouble. You see, these are the kind of nails someone else might see on me and kill me for. I could wind up in a ditch, my naked fingertips multilated, slowly draining blood from my body and quickly catching infection. I would die from blood loss and panic. Then I realized that that was an unrealistic fear and if anyone is going to kill me for anything, it's because they love me too much and it hurts them to walk the Earth knowing they can't have me. That would be the biggest ego-stroke of a death. Who cares at that point? Also, I still have legs even if someone takes my fingertips and I can just walk to a hospital. Ha! Try hurting me now! I can't be beat!

2) I don't know if you guys like comedy or not, but this site has a bunch of it. Last night I saw this flippin' hilarious video Slider that was made by the nice kids who do The Midnight Show at UCB was on the front page. Then I woke up this morning it wasn't. I think it's awesome and it doesn't even have anything to do with me. You should go watch it so many times that it goes back on the front page. I'm not telling you how to live your life or whatever. It's actually really not my problem if you watch it or not, to be honest. I just thought it would be something nice you could do. That's fine. You just do whatever makes you comfortable. But also watch the video.

3) Yo. The longest meeting ever happened yesterday. SAG met for 30 hours. Straight. That's not really awesome other than they hopefully got some major biz done. What is awesome is that one of my favorite people these days, Justine Bateman was BLOGGING FROM THE MEETING! Nothing confidential, just the public updates as they happened and LOLCats and self pics. Do I need to explain why that's awesome? Fine. Justine Bateman was doodling in her virtual notebook during the longest meeting ever in the recorded history of meetings other than that time all those dudes wrote the Declaration of Independence.

"Good Morning! I’ve been up for 25 hours. Still in a meeting that started at 9am yesterday morning."

One time I got kicked out of a board meeting at my old job because I couldn't stop laughing. Another time at another job, I got yelled at for laughing during the fire safety lecture. I don't know how these guys did it yesterday. I was have been having a LOLfest.

4) Now, I don't really like a lot of fuzzy things that don't belong to me, so when I found this picture of a cat in a bear suit yesterday I was suprised that I found it to be... awesome?

2 CUTE 2 BE 4 FORGOTTEN, RIGHT YOU GUYS? Jeeeesssey Peasy, that's a cute cat. It's so angry and yet it knows what it has to do. That cat's like "I'm not happy about this, but I understand that this is my job." It's an accepting cat that knows you don't need to sell something all the time. Like, he's not SELLING that suit, but he's not not wearing it. I think this cat is actually symbolic of how a lot of us live our lives. Think about that. And then watch Slider.

Four. It's not a traditional number for a list. Usually people like their lists in multiples of five or maybe even three. In some ways, the awesomeness that is my complete disregard for tradition is Awesome Thing number five, but if I made that more clear it would be pointless. OMG, acousitc Duncan Sheik just came on my iTunes. I'm so humiliated.

I'll see you guys later.