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September 26, 2012

Kanye West admitted he once liked to watch Ray J in his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s sex tape whenever he needed help getting off in the bedroom.

Kanye West admitted he once liked to watch Ray J in his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s infamoussex tape whenever he needed help getting it up in the bedroom.

West said that being involved with an international sex symbol like Kim Kardashian comes with added pressure to perform, which is why he turns to someone who never had that problem, Ray J.

“I study him very closely, paying particular attention to the movement of his hips, the power and tempo of his thrust, and the definition of his glistening torso,” said the rap star.

“Before you know it, my little soldier is standing at full attention, ready for battle. ‘Littlesoldier’ is what I call my penis.”

Asked whether it can be unsettling to watch his girlfriend with another man, West said that’s what special effects are for.

“I had my editors blur Kim’s image throughout the whole movie, that way it’s all Ray J all the time.”

As for Kardashian, she hopes the video will improve their love life and possibly inspire them to one-day make their own sex tape, adding, “Hopefully they’ll let me be in it.”