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February 27, 2017

"I want everyone to know that I want nobody to feel left out of this project. We will work very hard to take away everyone's rights equally."

Trump Assures Public He Not Prejudiced Against Muslims, Says There Still Plenty of Time to Go After Other Minorities as Well

Following several protests against his administration’s recent actions regarding immigration policy, President Donald J. Trump assured the American public early Wednesday afternoon that he is not at all prejudiced against Muslims, and asked people to be patient, for he will go after other minorities as well in due time.

“Listen I’m a fair guy,” said the president in a White House press conference. “I like to give everyone an equal opportunity. I want to assure the American people that my administration will include everyone. We are going after Muslims now, but in a few weeks we’re going after Mexicans, Latinos, women, black people, old ladies, the homeless, the homeowners… just about everyone you can think of. Everyone will be included in this great project.”

He went on to specify that no one should worry that they are going to be singled out and treated unfairly by his presidency, because everyone’s rights are going to be taken away equally.

Following the president’s remarks, Chief Strategist Steve Bannon gave the president a cookie for doing such a good job with his words.