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June 23, 2010


Miami based toilet paper collector, internationally renowned classical performer of Australian-didgeridoo and social media’s baritone-voiced pin-up, Bill Zucker has had a whirlwind schedule since his recent arrival to Hollywood and it has been amazing to see how passionately Zucker takes his work.

The ‘Billabong’ brand - endorsing Zucker, has been attending numerous high profile red carpet and charity events; private parties; celeb-hosted launches, as well as, musical recitals for female socialites who are desperate for an audience with the self-proclaimed Messiah for the internet masses!

Of course (and as expected) he has been arriving in Hummer Limousines and making his entrance to the flashes of paparazzi cameras with an entourage of three extremely beautiful women in his arms - who the celeb bloggers have named ‘Billy’s Angels’. Some even suggest that the women are involved in a secret music project he is working on, while others say he is romantically linked with at least two of them! An official statement from Zucker HQ was:

"The women grew up together on the beaches of Miami. From there they all decided to attend the police academy, and were assigned to very dangerous duties working undercover for a guy named "CHARLIE". But I decided to take them far away from that and enrolled them at the Berklee College of Music where they all became accomplished musicians destined for world wide fame and success..My name is Bill Zucker and they are Billy's Angels"

Furthermore, it is being widely speculated that Zucker is in Tinseltown to shoot fresh new episodes for the ‘Kelsey Grammer Bill Zucker Comedy Show’ in which he stars with EMMY award-winning thespian Kelsey Grammer - who shot to overnight fame as the mad and wacky scientist Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown in the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy with Michael J. Fox in the 1980’s. But it is not yet known whether any new skits will involve his most recent flame Megan Fox.

Megan Fox and Bill Zucker split-up recently after the actress had been linked to the wearing a pair of fake boxers on her head in the recent ‘boxers-gate’ scandal that had been masterminded by the former head of Zucker’s personal security (who he had hired from the Kazakhstan Marine Corps)  Ibrahim Oobrahim-Yahbrahizmit . Fox had been so upset over the incident that she pulled out of ‘Transformers 23’ the most recent sequel in the blockbuster film franchise.

In a recent ‘Global Xpose’ magazine interview she had indicated that she was about to move to Florida so that she could be closer to Zucker and accompany him on his twice-monthly trips to Cuba and model his new line of Boxers that have been specially designed for the USA Soccer Team playing at the South African World Cup called ‘Zuckers Ball Bangers’.

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