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Published September 20, 2012

Lucid dreaming is something I am awful at. I've only achieved lucidity at few times in my life. That is why I am proud to say that recently I not only achieved, I conquered it.

The dream started with me travelling around Toronto on different subs. It was pretty boring at first until dream me starting peeing (and no I did not pee myself in real life. I know what they say about dream pee, but I'm pretty sure my boyfriend would wake me up in disgust if I wet the bed. I'm pretty sure after waking up, I would feel the bed being wet, and I am certain that when I woke up the room would smell like urine. That wasn't the case though, okay? I woke up on my own in a completely dry bed and the room only smelt like the drool that was all over my face). If that's not wierd enough, it kept happening, and nobody cared. Not a single person noticed, looked at me, or even joined my pee pants party.

I know that was a really long paragraph on peeing my pants. I know that all of my defensiveness makes you think I peed my pants even more so...to that I say "go piss your own pants!"

So then I realized that I was in fact dreaming. I got pretty excited. So excited I didn't pee myself again.

So by now I am at Union station, and tonnes of people are getting off of work, trains, busses, and subs. I figure that since I am dreaming I can do whatever I want.

So what do I do?

I just talk to people. This was very exciting at the time since they were complete strangers, but looking back, I should have flown around and taken a T-Rex in as a pet, and slapped David Bowie's butt or something.

Anyway, as the social anxiety ridden indiviual that I am, talking to strangers was exciting enough. I talked to Irish men who invited me on a trip home, I talked to other men who were also enthusiastic and nice...come to think of it, the only people in the station were men...

After consulting a dream dictionary, it said that if I am in a room full of men, it highlights the masculine aspect of myself.

So am I supposed to check out my strong jaw line? Am I supposed to go fix a car and flex my muscles?

Or maybe it's telling me to open up a toilet shoppe in Dublin.

Dream, you crazy!



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