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September 06, 2009


Do you do things out of the good nature of your heart sometimes or because it seems the right thing to do at the time. I do but i may now stop. I have to do alot travelling to get to my place of work, wish i didn't but that's another story and the nature of the beast. I am a considerate driver by my standards anyway but that has been eroded, I am over it. In the weekend someone swerved into the lane i was in, I was right next to them at the time and lucky for my quick reactions i swerved out of the way and gave them a few choice words and you know what they didn't even acknowledge that they had done anything wrong or that they had almost taken me out that made me swear even more, i think I even made up some curses. GRrrr another example is when you let cars in in front of you. I always do or if someone lets me in i wave or signal thanks. But you know what this happens for about one of ten people i let in nothing nada no thanks it's as if they expected it. I've given them the gift of letting them in and surely when you give a gift you say thanks. Usually when this happens I wish i could take it back and have not let them in. What has happened to human nature? Sometimes I pull as close as I can to these people's bumpers so I know they can see me in their mirror and I mouth the words you say thank you and then I usually add an F U on the end of it. Drivers what has happend to you why can't we all just get along?