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Published: August 01, 2012
Description: Manly guy wants to watch the Olympics. But not those wimpy events. He wants the events pumped with testosterone.


no, not that women's gymnastics stuff.  I'm talking real manly events.

Let's watch some big motherfucker, whose thigh weighs as much as those girls, lift heavy shit over their head.

You know, the clean & jerk.  The fucking snatch! Yeeeeeeah!


Uh, sorrry, gotta hold myself together.  Maybe we'll see some dude's elbow snap in half.  That'd be bad ass.

Swimming?  No, fuck that.  My two year old swims.  She can't lift heavy shit over her head.  Don't be a pussy.

Let's watch some dudes roll around on a mat and pin each other down.  Sweat makin' them all slippery and shit.  That's real man's stuff, you know.

Fencing?  No.  Give them real swords and have them fight to the death.  Then I'll be interested.

You're a man.  I'm a man.  Let's watch some manly sports damn it!!

Oh shit.

What? No, shut up.

Get it! Get it!

Did you see that flip?! DID YOU SEE IT?! IT WAS GLORIOUS!


I just get so emotional when these girls who try so hard just nail it.  Look at her mother, so proud.  Now I'm proud of that proud momma.  

This gymnastics shit is legit