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June 27, 2008


So I can not even afford to buy gas anymore and the fuckin price of eggs in China has gone up? Why must us non environmentalist gas guzzling 1971 Chevelle drivers suffer? Whatever happened to ridin round in your muscle car saying you see us? Now everybody talkin bout Im environmentally friendly in my PRIUS. Fuck THAT I just want one so I'll Sava about $40 a day. Fuck the ozone, fuck the air, fuck a dump (landfill) and fuck Al Gore and his power sucking mansion  not 5 miles from my home. I just wanna drive around all day while the ladies yellin "DAVE THE RAVE", yeah thats right I said it. Can you put DUBS on a Prius? If so I'll take 2 one for my hoodrats and me, and one for mi familia. Im not voting for nobody unless they can fight to lower the price of petroleum. See us in our Prius? Go to Hell Im in My Chevelle. AND I LIKE TITS (.)(.) (')(') (.)(') (*)(*)(O)(O)(0)(0) (+)(+)(`)(`)