In this new feature, you’ll find anywhere between three and seven TV clips from the day before. Does that sound good? Today there are five clips. Feel free to start the clip counters we handed out at the beginning of class!

Last night, Conan’s “Clueless Gamer” segment took on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 with Lil Wayne and Tony Hawk. Both Hawk and Wayne are characters in the game which, it’s fair to say, makes Conan a little jealous. He gets over it, though, and the trio gets to play Pro Skater as well as a game of Skate Move or Sex Position.

Over on Late Night, guest Will Forte joined Seth Meyers in a segment called “Seth and Will Clear the Air,” during which the former coworkers exchange candlelit apologies that are, to be perfectly frank, horrifically imbalanced. It almost seems as if Will Forte is a bad friend??

Just playing, Will Forte is a great friend and a true prankster. After a little pressure from Meyers, Forte even shared one of the grossest, most intimate pranks he played at the SNL office bathrooms, on co-star Andy Samberg, but it sounds like on a few other people, too.

“Urine is one of the most sanitary things.“—Will Forte, 2015.

Meanwhile, The Nightly Show was treated to a visit from teen inventor and cool clock maker Ahmed Mohamed. Larry Wilmore got to ask Mohamed questions like, “How long did it take you to make that bomb?” and “Was it a little bit cool to be arrested?“Ahmed’s a good sport about it all. Cool interview, Ahmed.

Finally, in TV that’s not late night shows, South Park took on Donald Trump, or rather, the Canadian version of Donald Trump that’s pretty obviously Donald Trump. In a different scene, Mr. Garrison, um, takes the not-Donald-Trump down further in a kinda gross, NSFW clip.