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April 20, 2009


Ok I just watched Mrs. California. I think she stood by her convictions and personal overview of  wedlock.
I want to know when did the train leave the tracks, when did people decide to make a lifestyle choice political fodder? I don't get it, just because you like to go balls deep in the dingle jungle doesn't make you Martin Luther King. You don't rate that. Now I am probably just a tea bagging red neck to most people but thats just crazy whack-o  talk that one would do if they were lost balls deep in the dingle jungle.
To say that this beutiful lady lost due to that comment is just as crazy as the fag anger.
All the gay people I know live in a constant state of DRAMA! They fight constantly and are always off in a weird bullshit angle on everything-always. Unstable is an upgrade to anything I have ever seen from people like Rossie O.  If  brown pounders and carpet munchers want to be respected in politics, maybe they should not give the speaking parts to the most warped of their lifestyle. Homosexuality is not a race,Black people stood for human rights, gay and strait human rights, not for social acceptance. It was for Human rights. Gay rights is asking for special conditions due to sexual oreintation. Big difference. I don't know why everyone can't understand that if you are not gay, you don't care. I know we all pretend we care and will do anything we can to show support but truly no one cares at all. I care the most least. Gays try to force their lifestyle down peoples throats, for the record I'd like to say FUCK OFF-to all the gays. Wow I feel so much better now. Fuck off, go get married, prance and call people that don't like you Homophobes but FUCK OFF just the same.  I don't hate gays, I don't hate anyone, but when you try to weild athority over other peoples life because you feel you have a voice and force people to accept your lifestyle with out regard to their personal convictions I say to you FUCK OFF. Ball to ball Muff to muff, if you don't like it eat shit and thats tuff. Oh and please check out this web site and support this family and their cause because even though  think gays should Fuck off, what happened here is very wrong and horrible and should never be allowed to happen.www.AngieZapata.com don't let this happen in your community.