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January 12, 2009


So, I turned 25 on Saturday. That was cool. One of the best things that happened to me at my party was that a dear friend showed up with a Fudgy the Whale cake, which is symbolic of both my childhood in Massachusetts and how much I like eating things. Here's a photo of me and my 39 chins accepting the cake:

So that was pretty awesome. Oh, the cake says "Twitter's down, y'all" because I am constantly Twittering from my phone. That's right. I use Twitter. A lot. And you know what? When you pull your head out of your own technologically unaware ass and sign up for your own account, you're going to feel like a real jerk for ever judging me. I don't want you to have that feeling, but I also know that I'm not wrong. That's the sad part about being me. It's hard living five years ahead of everyone else. It's like that show Early Edition, except I don't have any blind friends and newspapers are just something that kinda artsy people wrap presents in.

Oh! And one of the other truly awesome presents I received was Karrine Steffans' first book, Confessions of a Video Vixen. Karrine also Twitters, but beside that. she sucks a lot of literal dick. In fact, you may better know her as Super Head. She's my favorite post-modern ho because not only does she own her actions, but she moves forth with those indiscretions and makes choices like this. For anyone too afraid to click the link, you should know that it's just a video of Karrine giving a lecture to a bunch of college students. It's pretty bold. Things get far too intense right around part 3 of the 4-part series.

OK, so it's early and we're going to be spending the whole week together, so I'm going to go walk around my neighborhood... but BTW, I would totally have a blind friend if I knew more blind people.

And uhhhh, go watch my web show.