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July 05, 2012

When Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise last week, she also revoked her membership to the Church of Scientology's League of Beards.

Shocking many in the Church of Scientologiy, Katie Holmes has left the Church's prestigious League of Beards. Holmes' membership was revoked after the former-Beard filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.

Little is known of the League of Beards to those who haven't made six-figure donations to the Church. But a source close to John Travolta's beard, Kelly Preston, says the women take an oath to defend the Church in ways that "few have the strength or donation money to comprehend."

"It may be a stretch to call them superheroes," said the source, "but their work is certainly heroic."

Apparently the Beards often spend long hours locked up in mansions and castles. Their only interaction with the outside world happens when they are required to hold hands with men they hardly know, their husbands, while smiling for photographers who chronicle their every move.

Most Beards, including Holmes, were in financial straights before joining, but are now essentially wealthy for the remainder of their lives.

But the League is far from happy about Katie's decision. "Her actions are offensive," said Jada Pinkett Smith, Beard to Church member Will Smith. "Divorcing Tom and leaving the League was a betrayal of gay men everywhere who need us Beards to make money."