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June 11, 2011

because sometimes... people need to be judged.

7 differences between women and chicks

1) A woman will work 2 jobs to pay the rent. A chick will live with her parents but call her part time job a career cuz she's screwing the manager. 


2) A woman will speak what's on her mind. A chick will post whats on her mind on facebook, every 5 minutes… regardless of importance or if anyone will even know what the fuck she's talking about.


3) A woman will dump a guy for hitting her. A chick will hit a guy for dumping her.

4) A woman will believe the truth. A chick will believe whatever she wants to tell her friends is true. Ex: Perhaps i should explain this one. Me and my friends were in vegas hanging out in a club not too long ago, and we met a group of girls. being as how we're from Canada my friend decided to tell this chick that he was a football player for the Canadian Football League. Noticing that my friend was 5 foot 5 and chubby with arms too short to buckle his own belt, she mentioned, "you don't look like a football player". So he told her he was just on the practise squad (which does not exist in the C.F.L.). After a night of drunken dancing and other adult activities she left with his autograph in her purse telling her friends about how she couldn't believe she met a football player.

....Stay thirsty my friends. 

5) A woman will post pictures of her friends on facebook. A chick will post black and white pictures of herself and claim to be a photographer.  


6) A woman will call you if there is a problem that needs solving. A chick will text you, no matter where you are, because she thinks other girls might be talking about her.


7) And last but not least. A woman probably wont fuck you. A chick will totally fuck you.

… Sorry women, you were winning right up until the end.