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November 20, 2014

Comcast Corruption, Katniss In Thailand, and More


Bad Review
A British couple has been fined $170 by a hotel after they left a bad review on a trip booking website. Based on this precedent, a class action lawsuit in the amount of $900 trillion has been filed against everyone who has ever used Yelp.


Comcast Cares
Comcast issued a customer a $3,000 “early termination fee” after he moved to an area that Comcast didn’t cover. Comcast later explained that it would waive the fee, as it is always happy to do for customers who somehow get the attention of the national media.


Young Adult
The author of the Lemony Snicket book series made a series of racist jokes at last night’s National Book Awards. The author’s publicist announced that the next Lemony Snicket book will be entitled A Series Of Unfortunate Backpedalling, Deflection and Downplaying.

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What Would Katniss Do?
Several college students in Thailand are being detained by police after flashing a salute from the film The Hunger Games as a sign of opposition to the totalitarian regime. Still legal: shouting “Harry Potter!”


The Voice
Award-winning musician Jason Isbell received a request from a producer on the reality show The Voice to audition for the show, apparently unaware that Isbell received his first record deal more than 15 years ago. The Voice has apologized explaining, “It is not surprising we didn’t know who Jason Isbell is because we go to great lengths to not know anything about actual music.”