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Published November 08, 2011

Are you a show producer and aren't selling as many tickets as you'd like by just booking "funny comedians"?

Have no fear!  There is a solution to being a mediocre producer.  That solution is: GIMMICK SHOWS!  Since you've failed terribly at building your own customer base, it's time to scrape the bottom of the barrel and reduce yourself to specialty nights aka niche nights aka GIMMICK SHOWS! 

You've decided to cater to a few niche groups to get a small increase in sales that won't last more than a few months.  Congratulations!

Here are a few show names you can use for your long-lasting comedy shows:

-Girls Can Be Funny Too!

-Engaging Ethnic Comedy

-Funky Funny Females

-Latino Laughs

-Arabian Night...Of Comedy!

-Handsome Bastards

-Urban Comedy Night

-The Big Gay Comedy Show

-Ha  Ha Hotties!

-Open Mic Night ($5 to perform)

So if you're an awful producer  or club owner who sucks at marketing, booking, advertising, building local relationships, being consistent with your product, or the impossible task of selling beer, embrace your gimmick nights.  Who needs integrity?  Dollar dollar bills, son!