Obama Gets Up Close and Personal During Charles Gibson Interview

By Derrick Dean

In what was meant to be an interview touching subjects like the President's new Gun Control policy, President Obama shocked the country by touching Charles Gibson instead by being over-flirtatious with the male news reporter during an interview on Thursday. After being asked what the President's new gun policy would include, Obama stood up and approached Gibson while flexing his biceps and stated, "the only guns I wanna talk about are these little bad-beauties."  


Vice-President Biden who had just returned from winning a pancake eating contest commented on the interview; "I thought he did a great job! I love the President's guns." Biden then admitted, "Sure things get a little flirty when the President is around, but you get used to that kind of thing and it becomes a fun little game."


 "At first I was a little flattered by the President's flirtatious behavior.  I thought it was probably just a joke. But when he started being a little too touchy-feely, I realized, 'this is real' and decided to end the interview," Gibson said. 

The awkward interview will air Thursday evening.

The President being over-flirtatious during an interview with Charles Gibson