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October 04, 2010

No word on if he sat on a park bench to ponder what it all means.

Keanu Reeves is the best. Only the man capable of looking so lonely, so sad could be so unaware that he's been the focus of an internet phenomenon in which his depressing paparazzi pictures have been re-contextualized for the enjoyment of millions of people. More people are familiar with "Sad Keanu" than have seen The Lake House. Okay, that's not shocking. Did you see the The Lake House? Of course not. That's a movie meant for the Sad Keanus of the world.

Anyway, the internet's reluctant hero was interviewed by Vulture (how they got access to that park bench is beyond us) and some well placed Sad Keanu-related questions were snuck into a Q&A about his career which blah blah blah -- not important. What's important is that Keanu sat on a bench for hours after hearing this, staring into space, pondering what it means approved!

Here's the segment:

You’re taking over the Internet. Have you seen all the “Sad Keanu” stuff out there?
?My publicist showed me the photo, but no.

There’s not one photo. There are millions. You’re Photoshopped next to kittens and into Pulp Fiction and next to the cast of The Breakfast Club, and in a million different ways. Have you seen those?
?Oh, that’s funny! No, no, I haven’t seen them.

There are millions, really. Google “Sad Keanu.” You haven’t?

?[Laughs.] No.

Seriously, though, this is one of the reasons I think one of the big appeals of you as an actor is that people are always straining to figure out what’s on your mind, what you’re thinking, why you’re sad. There’s thousands of people doing this.
?Wow. So, what, now they’re putting me next to other objects?

Yes! For instance, right now I’m looking at you in some Banksy graffiti, you next to a panda. ?
That’s so funny.

You with a cheerleader, but you don’t notice her ?.

?Oh, that’s funny. So they like take paparazzi pictures and re-contextualize them? Funny.

Exactly. ?
Well, it sounds like harmless, good clean fun.

We have to tip our hats to the interviewer on this one. Clearly he couldn't contain his excitement when asking these questions. Nor should he. Imagine being the guy to tell Van Gogh that after he died, he got kind of famous. Yes, it's the same thing.