Looks like a successful date is in the books.

He got this in the bag.

This is nice. He looks about the age to be settling down. Really hope he doesn’t find a way to screw this up because I’ve seen that video about 4-6 times.

What the F**CK

ooh no.

I knew it was expensive to live in New York City, but I didn’t know it was THIS expensive. Guess the struggle is real. With stagnating wages and rising rents, homeboy gotta cut corners anyway he can.

And then this happened.

Bet it still beats having roommates.

Honestly, how did it not come up the whole time that he lived in a Cardboard box? I feel like that’s the first thing I would disclose if I was in this situation. As far as I’m concerned this idiot got what was coming to him.

You might as well watch it.