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June 18, 2018

I like and enjoy trying Asian snacks. I find them to be exotic and exciting . CALBEE is a well known Japanese brand that I have always enjoyed since discovering it. I like tomatoes in real life and as a flavour in salty snacks. I just had to try the CALBEE LENTIL SNAPS Tomato Basil when I saw it. As with other CALBEE LENTIL SNAPS varieties these also look like marijuana joints except they are brown wooden coloured. Tomato and basil together sounds like a very yummy combo so I was even more excited. Unfortunately I was let down a bit by CALBEE this time cause the flavours weren’t as strong as I thought they should have been. I could taste a weak tomato and a weak basil flavour. These are low in salt and very crispy and crunchy. The full flavour shows up only after you have a few of them. They tasted good but definitely needed a stronger flavour to them