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July 04, 2010


How did you come up with the idea for Judas and Jesus?
Mainly because we wanted to show that there is always another side of each coin. So we picked a person who is well hated by everyone. Nobody likes traitors. No matter if you are left, right, religious, member of a rocker gang or whatever, the traitor will always be the bad guy without any pride. On the other hand, nearly everybody likes Jesus: peace loving hippies, holy inquisitors, Franco, Martin Luther King and the Pope. Even communists respect Jesus. So "Judas & Jesus" make a fine team for showing the opposite side: Judas' point of view.

Why did you pick a religious theme?
Monotheistic religions always claim to know what's right and what's wrong. They always argue with "bad" and "good". So do most of the people. If somebody uses the terms good and bad in a discussion or a talk show, you can always translate "good" with, "what I personally like" and "bad" with "what I personally dislike". So take care if somebody uses this terms. He just wants to impose on you his personal opinion. And our whole western society is based on this Christian mythology, even if you are brought up atheist.

Has anyone been offended by the series?-What do you say to people who have commented negatively about it?
Critics mostly come from men. Men sometimes think our film is misogynic. That's bullshit. If they see naked breasts, these brainless sheep are trained to react like this. F... political correctness. F... mind control. To deny femininity is the modern way of misogyny. "Judas & Jesus" is totally for women's rights and their self-fulfillment. (opposite to the church view) We show strong women with sexual self-confidence. All women were animated by Claudia, so they have a real female personality and are not just clich├ęs drawn by men.

Who is your favourite, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Judas? (at what stage for ex: baby Jesus, teen Jesus, Adult)
My favourite character is Mary Magdalene. She develops from a cute little girl to a full blooded woman. Our goal was to animate her as sexy as possible. So sexy, that the audience would gladly trade Jesus Christ to see her naked. In fact the audience even reacts BEFORE Judas get the idea to trade Jesus. This means that the audience is even much more "evil" than our poor underdog Judas. By the way, to animate sexy is the most difficult thing to do in animation. Besides Jessica Rabbit I don't know another working example, except Mary Magdalene.
I have a lot in common with Judas. From Jesus I have my preacher attitude and that I like to be the center of attention. As children they are very cute. The teenagers are acting cool, but they are not yet. The grownups are the real thing.