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Published: December 04, 2011
Description: Loser Sister's take on holiday shopping bus tours


Here's a substitute if you missed the "Running of the Bulls:"  The Annual Christmas Shopping Bus Tour.  The buses converge downtown from distant lands, like Debuke or Muncie, and include mostly “Christmas Sweater” women. If a man is on board, his role is to guard the purchases and pocketbooks. The Christmas Sweater Ladies chomp at the bit for the bus doors to open.  Once disgorged, a wave of ugly Christmas Sweaters crash onto the pavement.  The Christmas Sweater Ladies jockey for position and stampede through the streets and stores with wild abandonment.  They come with a shopping strategy and leave exhausted and exhilarated.  You'll wonder if you witnessed an alien encounter or a force of nature.  

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.