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April 26, 2016

There are so many ways we can make a mess while gardening, especially if we have kids around us while we work that it could be the equivalent of Laurel and Hardy going gardening.

If you want to avoid an embarrassment during your gardening and landscaping efforts, then you can some examples of spectacular fails such as the following adorable and some rather unfortunate cases brougt together by the professional gardeners from Home Garden London:

Don’t water yourself, unless you’re really planning on just spraying each other for fun in the hot summer. Keep track of your kids or else you’ll have a wet toddler to chase sooner or later.

Don’t drink irrigation water no matter how thirsty you may be, since it happens to pass through rubber hoses that are anything but sanitary, not to mention the water supply is often non-drinkable when it comes down to gardening and landscaping.

Don’t lose your head on the job. Work safe during gardening and avoid taking unnecessary risks when you can do things safely.

Watch out for raccoons or similar species in your area. Although they love to scavenge around human habitations, they can also get pretty unpleasant if provoked, so you would do well to keep an eye on them, either getting on their good side or finding a way to keep them away safely. The last thing you want is something like this on your hands. They may be adorable, but they can be a real bother if you’re not careful.

Keep your pests and pets under control. In the case of the former you can solve the issue by using some creative gardening techniques, but when it comes down to pets you will need to keep them away from any carefully grown vegetables and plants. Don’t think that just because you have cute little puppies they wouldn’t like to snack on your garden when you’re not looking.

Every single time!

Know your limits and avoid going too far with the job. Take a break and don’t try to jump hoops just to finish on time. Dealing with gardening is a job that requires patience and attention to detail, not racing around the area and trying to catch up to your neighbor or friends.

Remember to have fun during gardening. The fact that this is a job doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be enjoying it every step of the way.