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October 17, 2010

The Iphone application that was just released known as "bubbled" creates an optical illusion to make people in their clothing or bathing suits look like they are actually nude. You can upload any picture from your album or take one on the spot and bubble it.

ExampleThe "Bubbled" Iphone application is the most effective bubbling application in the app store to date, when it comes making your photos a lot sexier.  This easy to use photo editor makes it so you can bubble any picture you have in your photo album or take one on the spot of someone.  The photography goes directly into the editor and then all you have you do is bubble all the parts of the body without clothing.  The possibilities are endless with this, you can bubble celebrity photos, friends,or that hottie you've always wanted to imagine naked! 


The application works by putting "bubbles" over the areas of the parts of the photograph you want to keep so you can easily make sure you are getting everything you need.  Then once you are finished, press done and the application will give you a magical illusion of nudity and send it right to your photo album to reside to be uploaded to all your friends!


The application has key features to make this optical illusion effective and easy to do which include: zoom in/out, multiple size ranges of the bubbles, undo feature, color options, and auto save to your photo album once complete.  From your photo album you can then do anything with your bubbled pictures!