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February 06, 2018

Are you sad? Well now there's a solution!

Photoshop Your Way To Happiness!

Are you sad? I know I am! Or, at least, I was until I discovered an incredible new invention that, almost instantaneously, made all my darn, pesky sadness just uppin’ disappear!

That’s right. Almost instantaneously.

But, hold the phone… what kind of quote, unquote “miracle product” could have that quick (and that effective) of a response?

The answer has never been simpler, folks!

Let me explain.

It’s called “Photoshop Your Way To Happiness” and, boy oh boy, does it work like a charm! While most antidepressants on the market rely on dubious, mood-altering chemicals or expensive therapy, this astounding new innovation is the only product that uses the magic of photoshop to give anyone (and anything) the appearance of happiness. And seeing is believing, folks!

It truly is that simple!

Don’t believe me? Here, take a look at the photo below:

Photo Happiness 1.png

As an underemployed freelance copy-editor, you’d probably assume that I experience my fair share of woe, self-doubt, and existential dread. But just look at how happy I am in that picture! Now there is a man who is clearly living his best life!

Yet, would you believe that when that photo was being taken, I was actually really, really sad?

I know… amazing, right?

That’s just the incredible power of Photoshopping Your Way To Happiness!

Now that’s something we all can smile about!

Photo Happiness 1.png

And there’s never been a better time to buy than right now. You see, while most products on the market use costly, medically-dubious, snake-oil “pseudoscience” to trick your face into smiling, this new marvel of modern medicine just skips the middle-man and goes straight to smiling part…

Now that’s what I call convenient!

With just a few quick clicks, Photoshop Your Way to Happiness is able to immediately crop, erase, smudge, brush, blur, and lasso away any trace of that pesky, pesky unhappiness. And, in the truly desperate cases, it can even copy the smile of someone else directly onto yours, making the illusion of happiness a guaranteed reality!

Photo Happiness 2.png

In the photo above, did I photoshop Hollywood heartthrob Justin Timberlake’s smile onto my face?

I’ll never tell!

And best of all, this phenomenal new product works for almost any occasion! Don’t believe me? Well, here are just a few of the many, many events that automatically benefit from the use of this incredible new invention:


Photo Happiness 4.png


Photo Happiness 5.png

And even first dates!

Photo Happiness 6.png

So if you’re like me, if you’re a Gloomy Gus who gets the moody blues from time to time, just remember, a solution has been under your nose this whole time. Because sometimes, whenever life’s got you down, all you need to do is just turn that frown… upside-down!

Photo Happiness 3.png