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April 14, 2015

The words that come together and make a point with strong influence and meaning behind it.

Parenthesis( )

(To the short hand, I believe you can give me more if you wanted too)

(Burn, Baby Burn, But wait there’s more) (Combination or Combustion)

(Earn respect, deserve pleasure)

(A bird in a bush is like bees in a hive)

(Stay fresh, smell like a skunk)

(Interesting I put my shirt on backwards today, okay here it goes, I am going to reverse it)

(The robot is a fun dance)

(Lend me your ears, already shucked please)

(Hot tamale, you just picked a rare pepper, Its a doctor)

(Together at last, My balls, from a long day of marble collecting)

(Don’t shit where you eat, and vise versa)

(If the dog can poop on the floor, I can)

(The fish swim in the lake as the dog runs in the yard)

(Take it how it is)

(Its America deal with it)

(City folks, live up to their expectations but never dare to leap forward, unless they have a bungee cord)

(Now, I don’t like it anymore than the cow likes being tipped over at dusk)

(Does * mean butthole?)

(If this song don’t rocker, ill give her the shocker)

(One in the grey, Wait why is my hand up an elephant A!)

(They thought I was crazy, but I just was talking to the outer experience)

(Man! if light come if by sea then one if by day and two if by three)

(The Boognish ate mushrooms and brownies and sandwiches galore)