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October 07, 2015

Ellen Page tries standup, Billy Eichner and Colbert can't remember their school song, and a 'Drunk History' about the King of the Chess People.

Our team of 37 heavily caffeinated editors has spent all day hand-crafting a brilliantly selected array of the best TV clips from last night so you don’t miss anything you shouldn’t. Watch what you want, skip what you don’t. Just be sure to swing back around tomorrow for more of yesterday’s greatest stuff.

During his Tonight Show monologue last night, Jimmy Fallon sprung his, uh, whatever (not important for the bit) and brought out somebody from the bench to sub in for him. Turns out it was some second-string player named J. Lennow(?), who does some jokes and isn’t all that bad! Probably couldn’t handle his own whole show, though.

Over on the Late Show Billy Eichner talked to Colbert about making fun of celebs now that he himself is a celeb, and then, since he and Colbert both went to Northwestern, they tried to remember how their school song goes but gave up on that pretty fast, which is OK.

Celeb and actress Ellen Page showed Conan the standup audition she made for his show back when she was 23. If this made you ask, “What age is Ellen Page now?” the answer to that according to Google is 28, she is 28th age now!

Finally, in this clip from Drunk History, Taran Killam plays Bobby Fisher, who Rich Fulcher aptly describes as the “King Of The Chess People.”