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August 23, 2008


Ok, time to ramble a bit more.

Brenni (my beautiful wife) is gone to a ladies party. You know, the ones where respectable women go and check out clothes and toys that they would otherwise find quite distastful. But they drink, laugh, and pass these things back and forth, checking em out for who knows what. I hope she doesn't find my replacement. Now I'm nervous.

Brenni likes to take me shopping with her. I have no idea why. She usually asks me to go, I'll say naw, she'll say I'd really like you to go with me, so I go. Because I'm hoping this will be in my favor when there's something I'd really like her to do.

When we get there, I push the damn cart around while she shops, and invariably, she will leave me alone, with the cart, saying,"I'll be right back." Then the shopping really begins! I'll pick up anything that catches my eye. Mixed nuts, cheesy crackers, those little bite-size ice cream things that cost a fortune, egg rolls, martini onions, you get the idea.

So we get to the check out and it's always the same thing:

Brenni: "What the hell is this?"

chadder: "martini onions."

Brenni: "Why the hell do we need martini onions?"

chadder: "we don't have any at home."

Brenni: "Oh my god, put them back!"

This goes on all the way to the bottom of the cart.

We end up spending about 75 dollars more than if I weren't there.

Still, she wants me to go.

Once, quite a few years back, we were at Wailmart, and picked up a tube of underwear for yours-truly. one pair were blue, one pair were green, and the middle pair were blue and green striped.

Just as we got to the checkout, I said, loud enough for all to hear,"Honey, I think this is the first time I've bought underwear wih the stripes already in them!"

Still, she wants me to go.

I suppose that's true love...

thank you for encouraging my rambling,


"if i give someone my cold, why do i still have it?..."