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November 11, 2008


I had a wierd dream last night, in this dream I was writing a song,which I don't do very often anymore, and Johny Cash was reviewing it for me. Johny Cash told me that I needed to add some flute to this song and I remember arguing with him that if I put any flute in this song it would come off too much like Jethro Tull. Johny Cash instructed me that that was exactly what I was looking for,  more of the flute rock base type. I've never been entrested in a base following of people who love flute rock. Ever which makes the dream even more weird. So I am writing a song, and I think I need to put some flute to it. Hey if the dream Ghost of Johny R. Cash tells me to put some Flute Rock together, its the least I can do. Watch out Jethro Tull I'm stealing your audience base. Cause Johny Cash told me to.