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March 10, 2015

Pixar have announced that Toy Story 4 won't continue the story of the first three films and will in fact be a 'romantic comedy.' So, here are some classic rom-com inspired plots Pixar could use for the movie.

Pixar have announced that Toy Story 4 won’t continue the story of the first three films and will in fact be a ‘romantic comedy.’ So, here are some classic rom-com inspired plots Pixar could use for the movie.

  • Toy Story 4: Sleepless in the Toy Box: Woody is a widower and is having a hard time dealing with the grief. There’s a snake in his boot - and a hole in his heart. He can’t eat, he can’t sleep; not that he ever could, only now it’s more sad. All he does is lie still and lifeless, which makes him an excellent toy, but a sad cowboy. That is until he discovers Buzz has been calling talk radio in an effort to find him a new partner. Benefit to Pixar: Costs could be cut by recycling Tom Hanks dialogue from a prior feature film with a similar plot.
  • Toy Story 4: Pretty (plastic) Woman: Barbie has fallen on hard times after being thrown in the trash and has started turning tricks to make ends meet. She is Hooker Barbie: complete with condoms, pepper spray and a pocket sized bottle of whisky. But when a wealthy toy (an Iron Man/Tony Stark figurine) hires her to be his date, is it just business, or is there something more? Tagline: He needed a date, what he got was the woman - who represents unrealistic body image - of his dreams.
  • Toy Story 4: Coyote Ugly: Jessie, tired of living under Woody’s shadow, has left the toy box and headed to the big city to chase her dream: to become a rich and famous yodeller! The big city is a little overwhelming for this Cowgirl at first, but she begins to come out of her shell after getting a job at bar run by Bratz Dolls that teases it’s male toy patrons.
  • Toy Story 4: Shallow Ham: Ham and his roommate Jason Alexander are fun loving bachelors. The only problem is; despite literally being a pig, Ham is superficial and is only interested in ‘beautiful’ women. He likes them the same way he likes his cooked flesh: sizzling hot! But after being hypnotised by Tony Robbins, Ham begins to see women for their inner beauty, something Jason Alexander is NOT happy about.
  • Toy Story 4XL: Woody is frustrated with the limitations of being a toy. He wants to get out and see the world! Go to the beach, ride a bike, find out who this “kale” person is and why everyone keep talking about him. So one night, he wishes upon a shooting star to be “big.” The next morning, Woody wakes up to find that he has become a human adult. He tries to tell the other toys what’s happened but gets no response; to them he’s just a human shouting at some toys. So, he flees and starts his life as a real human. Hijinks ensue immediately. First he has to get over the habit of flopping lifelessly to the floor whenever he encounters another human. Then, he tries alcohol and shouts, “Someone’s poisoned the water hole!” He soon finds his experience of being a toy useful after landing a job at a toy company. The boss loves his ideas because he “thinks like a toy that wants to be played with.” But things become slightly more complicated for Woody when he meets a woman who wants to ‘yank his pull string.’ Maybe being a human adult isn’t as simple as it seems. Benefit to Pixar: Tom Hanks has already been successful playing a similar role.