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August 09, 2010

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On Friendship & Co-Dependency




Know thyself.  Intimately if necessary.  And realize that even your closets droogs, compadres, bosom buddies, grand confessors, lovers, and postal clerks can and will betray what you believe to be your most sacred values at some point in time.  Please it does no good to run atop your holy mountain and produce the original stone tablets that your personal code of values is assuredly engraved upon.  Some things and people can not be changed – in given frameworks of time and under specific laws of geo and astral physics.

The key to surviving in any community is know the amount of treason you can satisfactorily endure without screaming.  This is politely and commonly known as  tolerance.  Understand this threshold in yourself and your peers.  Barter with it like chips in a high stakes poker match. 

If you are without friends do not fantasize what it would be like if Plato were your chum.  Likely he would get you drunk, flatter you and screw you senseless.   Consider instead reading several times Paul’s letters to the assorted fledging Christian communities.  No matter your religious preference or conviction this will bring solace to your painful condition.  If caught at the other end of the spectrum; the psychotic relationship – then it is imperative that you realize your condition for what it is.  The secret to survival from the psychotic other, the shadow reflection, the insane mirror, the extended Sienfield and Friends re-runs is to be the first to know how dangerous a spot both of you are in.  From this point the answer lies in no telling or explaining to your hated partner how dysfunctional your association is in reality.  No do not do this.  Rather treat them as activated minefield that you have wandered into.  Tip-toe with out of its path with as much caution and technology you can muster.  Planes and helicopters tend to work best as they are able to transport you great distances from the scene of your mutual crimes.

This will be difficult if you are in your twenties.  You may need professional help.  Therapists, German shepherds, international assassins and several DVD and video director’s cut of Jaws maybe useful tools for your arsenal of escape.  If you are stuck in a psychotic relationship and have made it to your thirties and or forties then there is something deeply wrong with you.  Attempt to keep in mind that your significant other can not possibly have the gorgeous body they had when you first met them.  Be honest.  What else could have subsumed your soul to such treacherous abominations.