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November 18, 2014

Check out these eyebrow highlights from Anthony Davis' latest NBA game. Davis is quickly becoming a league sensation, and his eyebrows are leading the charge.

Early in this NBA season, the New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis has emerged as a basketball freak of nature — points, blocks, steals, rebounds — he can do it all. He’s already finding himself in the conversation for this year’s MVP.

In fact, Davis’ play has almost been as impressive as his single eyebrow, known as “The Brow.” A virtual lock for MVE (Most Valuable Eyebrow), let’s take a look at The Brow’s highlights from last night’s game.

Here Anthony Davis’ Brow reacts to a questionable call early in the first quarter:

Then there were two questionable calls, one right after the other:

Then three more! The Brow can’t believe these refs:

After a key steal in the second quarter, Anthony Davis’ Brow quickly calls for a timeout:

With Davis going one-on-one, The Brow was able to distract his defender long enough for Davis to drive for an unguarded dunk:

The Brow’s handles are sick as hell. Just nasty:

After securing the win, The Brow congratulated itself with a quick high five:

What’s scary to think is, in a few years, that brow is going to be even bigger, hairier, more skilled, and possibly connected to his sideburns. Lookout, NBA!