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March 25, 2014

Woman tries to push herself through the subway diet


WISCONSIN--- Woman expresses her weight concern after switching to the Subway diet. Marcy Stewart weighted an astonishing 288 pounds before starting her diet at fast casual food chain Subway. After having $5 foot-longs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner her waist line did anything but decrease. For dessert one of her five stomachs helped progress diabetes to her beloved life. Stewart stated, "The meatball marinara, black forest ham just tasted great with my cookies and diet soda." Stewart in hopes the Subway diet was helping, desperately complained to the food chain that the diet wasn't working and that she demands free foot longs for a lifetime. Subway worker stated, "This is how fat people make the world go round." CEO of Subway arranged Stewart to meet with P90X Owner Tony Horton, who later was eaten by Stewart.