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February 24, 2009


I just read this article from wwltv.com about a shooting during a Mardi Gras parade route today at St.Charles.Let the Good times Roll my ASS! I'm going to a place here which having their Mardi Gras party on Ash Wednesday.That's like celebrating Halloween on All Saints Day or The Day of the Dead.You might piss off some French catholics.The word "Mardi Gras" means "Fat Tuesday".You got one last day of getting your sin on before Lent hits.Otherwise,you burn in hell.WHICH IS A HOLLOW THREAT IF YOU'RE A SLAYER/LAMB OF GOD FAN LIKE ME!!! Here's the Article about the shooting.

Six shot, including an infant, on parade route

02:58 PM CST on Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NEW ORLEANS – Six people, including a one-year-old boy, were shot on the parade route on Fat Tuesday, according to spokesman EMS spokesman Jeb Tate.

The shooting happened around 1:42 p.m. on the corner of Second Street and St. Charles Avenue. At least a block was cordoned off with police tape. The parade continued along the route.

Tate said that all six patients have been transported to University Hospital.

Among those shot that are in guarded condition include a 20-year-old man who was shot to the abdomen and another 20-year-old man who was also shot to the abdomen.

Those in stable condition include a 1-year-old boy who suffered a graze wound to the back; a 17-year-old woman who was shot to the thigh; a 50-year-old woman who was shot to the right elbow; and a 30-year-old man who suffered a graze wound to the thigh.

Two suspects are currently in custody, according to Young. There has been no weapon recovered.

New Orleans was already a dying city way before Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.With Charity Hospital closed down because of then-senator now-governor Bobby Jindal.Smart move not taking the stimulus money from President Obama.Note that was sarcasm.Shit,let's California more stimulus bucks that stupid governor don't want. But,that's another post.