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November 05, 2009


After an uneventful hour of playing with myself I finally got tired ~ my fingers are already cramping and the breeze from the drafty door is already drying me up. I laid there semi-satisfied and in my head, I can hear the Owl singing in his small guitar, “Oh, pussy my love. What a beautiful pussy you are!” And that whispery singing lulled me to slumber.

I was in the middle of my R.E.M. sleep when my cellphone started playing my Japanese ringtone. Still with my eyes closed, I reached for the cellphone and answered, “Hey baby, I’m already asleep . . . I don’t want to have phone sex right now!”

The male voice answered, confused: “Wha-wha-what?”

I sat right up and looked at my cellphone, it’s a 317 area code, it’s not . . .

All I can say was “Oh, shit! I’m awake now . . .” The male voice on the line started to say: “I’m sorry to wake you up . . .” and continued to tell me that there is a Help Desk log that came in and I need to respond to it.