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November 04, 2011

Tall Curly Biscuit and the Annals of Whizdumb argues for the rights of toilet paperers and might take up ninja yarn bombing the lazy way.

This is a Yarn Bomber in the Big City. She probably has a cool Knitter Name like "Knit Ninja."

The Yarn Bombing movement is huge, and I’m really upset about the lack of rights for the Toilet Paperers around the world.

How come toilet papering trees is illegal, while wrapping them in wool and acrylic is held in high esteem?  Is this fair, Dear Readers?

Sure, you could argue that knitters create “art” because it requires considerable skill and a long time to produce these beautiful pieces of colorful cloth.

Or, you could contend that light, airy, flowing toilet paper flying from the tree branches is just as pretty as those afghan-hugged trunks, and it takes considerably less work, which conserves human productivity for something more useful, such as this:

People enjoying an art installation by Belgian artist Jan Fabre. It's condoms filled with potatoes, hanging from the ceiling.

Just kidding.  I love the Yarn Bombers, and I wish I knew how to knit.  It’s always looked like fun, but this quote really sold me:

Newspaper: “What do you love about yarn bombing?”

Ann Gaspari, Yarn Bomber: “The kind, sweet side of anarchy…..” 

She said some other stuff about beauty, international, blah blah blah.  I stopped reading at “anarchy.”

So, if you see this woman tying old sweaters to trees and lamp posts, you’ll know it’s me living out my anarchist dreams without going to the trouble of learning all that yarn work.

Knitter Name: Lazy Ass