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February 22, 2012

What ever happened to the mumble-prone rapper Juvenile? Like most washed-up hip-hop artists, he found Da Lord and has taken the Christian rap scene by storm...



Girl you workin with some Ash yeah, you marked yeah

Make a believa start his Lent yeah, his Lent yeah

People laugh when you pass yeah, don't get it yeah

You gon' ride with the cross yeah, on fore head

You could pray or fast all day yeah, on the grass yeah

Got Easter 'round the corner yeah, and Good Friday yeah

I'ma Big Tymin' Christian yeah, like Amy Grant yeah

A playa lovin sinna yeah, crave forgiveness yeah

I be slangin worship yeah, out the church yeah

Let it be understood yeah, it's dedication yeah

Got a sinna scheamin large yeah, in the pew yeah

A smooth 'lil self growth yeah from the heart yeah

A sinna gotta think yeah, of somethin' slick yeah

You claimin to give up a vice, that's right yeah

The sinna with some money yeah, tithes right yeah

Got bros for accountability yeah, a small group yeah


Girl you looks good, won't you back that ash up

You'se a fine prayer, faster, won't you back that ash up

Call God Big Daddy when you back that ash up

Yo, what is you tempted wit? Back that ash up