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March 28, 2016

What watching Batman Vs. Superman reminded me of.

Without spoiling anything from Batman vs. Superman, or any comic book that is out there that you have not read, try to imagine this first.

You are in college. You sit next to your best friend during class who gets you and brings out the best attributes and makes you feel like you can take on the world even with your lack of superpowers. Your professor ends class by assigning a GROUP PRESENTATION, requiring you to buddy up with three other people. You immediately look over at your best friend who is doing the same to you as you smile and high five simultaneously. After that five seconds of reassurance ends you realize you need two other people in your group. You scan around and the girl (we’ll call her Wonder-Bae) sitting right next to you has no one yet so you invite her in your group and she accepts. Cool, but wait you need one more. Your best friend is now talking to this guy, who in this scenario we will name “Zack Snyder.” Now Zack worked on a project with your best friend before, but it was not as good as you would have liked it to be. Regardless of pre-existing doubt, you agree to let him be in your group.

Now it’s the day of your GROUP PRESENTATION and you are pumped! You and your group met several times during the past few weeks and have worked out all the kinks. Your part is something you are very passionate about so the project hardly felt like homework. The work was split up pretty evenly so you didn’t feel like someone did more or less of the workload. The presentations begin. Your group is up and you start it all off with a BANG! You get the class laughing as well as letting out some Awes. Wonder-Bae in your group is up and she does a great job, to the point where you and your best friend are asking, “Is she with you?” Then Zack Snyder is up….

Zack starts off strong, even with stuff that you have definitely heard before. Suddenly he begins to bring up several topics all at once that you don’t remember going over earlier. You think his powerpoint slides look cool so you let him proceed, regretting it seconds later. He starts rambling and gets carried away with a topic that your best friend was suppose to go over. Your best friend is freaking out because Zack Snyder did your best friend’s entire part! What the hell?! Even the professor is freaking out! You don’t know what to do, because you entrusted Zack Snyder with what you thought was a small task yet he turned it into something crazy.

He finally stops. You feel like you have sat through 3 hours of 12 projects at once and don’t quite know what to come from it. What will your grade be? It can’t be that good. Your professor understands though. You pass. Your best friend passes. Wonder-Bae passes. Zack Snyder? He is talked to after class.