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August 17, 2008


I orignally done this bit on my geocities.com/ sakblabbath site about 2 years ago.Certain people on a certain lame ass band message board had no sense of humor.I goofed on them their little pea brains couldn't it.There is one the true sakblabbath,Iam who Iam,I barfed on green eggs and ham,sam i am,Sak that Blabbath.Bloody Blabbath Bloody.Blabbath the Sak coming from the land of NOLA,delivered out of Exodus of the Big Easy.It flooded cause the money for leeve protection alledgely went in some politicians and boom goeth the leeves after they alledgely blew them up.3 years in the wilderness Sakblabbath made his Promised land of tucson,arizona.Woe to those praise the false sakblabbath for the wrath of the true sakblabbath is soon among the idoltors of Pepper.Now,I know most people will not get the bibical bullshit I dished out and plus I don't want to mention the message bored I mock cause really cares anyway.I'm writing this post and i don't care anymore.