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June 11, 2013

We can't believe there are still things you hadn't noticed on this show. you must be really stupid.

Arrested Development was, and is, a complicated show, worthy of countless re-watch. But no matter how many times you see it, there's always going to be something you missed. Here are some hidden jokes and plots you might not be aware of:

George-Michael's name is the same as a controversial singer

Michael's Son is named after both his father and his grandfather. Cleverly, these two names combine to create the name of a real life british singer named 'George Michael'. The hidden joke is that the real George Michael was arrested for lewd acts in a public bathroom with another man, which puts some shame to the Bluth family name.GeorgeMichael.jpg

The Bluth development company can't actually build houses

The Bluth family reside in a model unit they built, on a project called 'Sudden Valley'. The Bluths are home-builders by trade, but if you pay attention you notice this model home isn't the best contracted building around. The banister breaks down, the refrigerator sinks into the wall, and floor plummets to the ground. This could be a hint to why the family business is in trouble- they simply can't build a house!

Model_Home.jpgTobias is secretly gay

This one is a real nut twister. We all know Tobias is a former doctor, who is currently pursuing an acting career. But if you look closely, there are several hidden jokes that Tobias might be a homosexual. He dresses up, sings, dances and hangs around many gay men. But the key to this hidden plot is in Tobias' unintentional choice of words. Try and pay attention to what Tobias is saying. Many times it could be an innuendo to homosexuality. 

Blew.jpgGOB isn't actually a good magician

Gob doesn't do very well at the Bluth Company, because he's not a businessman, but a magician. But even tough GOB has made a career in magic, appearing on magic videos and magazines- it is hinted that he is actually not such a great magician.

In the pilot, GOB tries to hide his father in an illusion called the Aztec Tomb, but dogs quickly track his scent. Later he loses an old man in the same tomb, doing an act in a retirement home. Other magic flops are when he kills some of his pigeons and fails to light a fireball through his sleeve. All these hidden gems prove that maybe GOB's career path wasn't right after all.


The 'On the Next Arrested Development' segment isn't a real promo

OK, this one is just brilliant. You know how every episode ends in scenes from next week's show? Well, if you binge watch the show, and not wait a whole week between episodes, you'll realize the scenes shown on the preview aren't actually in the next episode. They're just another way to get a few more jokes in before the episode concludes. Mostly, these scenes will wrap up a story line, or add to it, purely for laughs. The next episode will move on to whole different plot lines, which will end in yet another fake preview for the next show.




The person they built houses for in iraq is a real-life Dictator

George Sr. Is accused of treason, for building house in Iraq, and for conspiring with a man named Saddam Hussein. What you might not know is that Hussein is an actual Iraqi dictator who, according to Wikipedia, was condemned in the west for his brutality.

Saddam.jpgThe show isn't really a documentary

we all noticed the show's unique style- the archive footage, the narration, the filming equipment being exposed in the shot. But believe it or not, this show isn't really a documentary. It's completely scripted, and acted out by professionals. The Bluth family is actually fictional. I've noticed this when I saw GOB on a different show called 'Up All Night'. This does explain the one hidden joke I never understood, about the strange names that appeared in the show's opening theme.