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August 21, 2012

Ryan Lochte celebrated his 28th birthday in Vegas by peeing in the pool, amongst other places.

Ryan Lochte's post-Olympic festivities continued this weekend in Las Vegas, where the swimmer celebrated his 28th birthday by peeing in the pool.

The poolside party kicked off Saturday afternoon with Lochte donning a revealing pink Speedo and chugging champagne from the bottle.

Then, when asked what it felt like to be back home in the States, the gold medalist flashed his diamond grill, said "Jeah," and peed himself.

“Dude pees anywhere," said Lochte's friend and fellow Olympic simmer Cullen Jones. "It’s like he’s still in the Olympic pool in London. It’s disgusting."

The celebration continued into the evening at the ultra-exclusive Club Marquee where Lochte did three shots of Patron, then peed on a barstool.

This was followed by a quick visit to the Asian-themed nightclub, TAO, where he peed on the dancefloor, then in some guy named Derek’s sake bomber.

The final stop was Spearmint Rhino where Lochte reportedly made it rain with $100 bills, then made it rain again by urinating on the strippers.

Just before sunrise, Lochte was passed out back in his suite at the Palazzo Hotel. While he managed not to piss in his bed, he did accidentally shit his pants. By Sunday afternoon everyone was pretty much sick of Lochte and just wanted to go home.