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July 16, 2018

Today sucks, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the magic that is Lil Jon and Jon Taffer together on a glorious episode of 'Bar Rescue'

Today sucks. Woof. But don’t let today’s suckery stop you from enjoying the absolute magic that was Lil Jon guest starring on an episode of Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer last night. Two legends together on what is, without a doubt, the best show currently on TV where Jon Taffer rescues bars by yelling at people to get their shit together until they do or do not get their shit together results may vary. Here’s Lil Jon’s intro to the Bar Rescue world.

When he said Batman and Robin? I FELT THAT. Chills. Lil Jon sends two of his main dudes undercover into this boring trash hole of a bar where they proceed to order raw oysters on the “before” portions of a show that aims to restore dilapidated bars because apparently Lil Jon rolls with a crew that is not afraid to die. Then he hops on the walkie talkie to have them get to the bottom of this daiquiri situation.

Lil Jon sitting next to Jon Taffer in a car on a walkie talkie demanding investigative details regarding nasty daiquiris is my Citizen Kane. I don’t think I will ever been happier than I was while watching this episode. And I hope these clips make your day (today, a day that sucks) suck a little less. YEEEEAAAAAAAH!