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February 04, 2009


so i'm right now sitting here in the basement of a building at school, killing time before i can finally meet up with a prof and maybe make sense of an assignment that essentially has no guidelines, except to do it and sound like a friggen genius, which as you may or may not know are two of the things i find the hardest to do in terms of paper writing.  its not cause im not a genius, though its very safe to say i'm far from it though these notes do make me sound witty, its just that in terms of paper writing i never find the readings interesting enough.  oh and i fail to probe into the deeper matter; now while i read into everything that someone says to me and assume that they actually hate my shirt when they emphatically say that they love it, though i'm pretty sure my style or lack-there-of is pretty rad.  ya, i said rad..what of it?  its a good word, even if it went out with the fluorescence of the late 80's to early 90's.  im going to use it, and bodacious, gnarly, tubular and any other word associated with the teenage mutant ninja turtles...so cowabunga dude!   well now that we've gotten that out of the way, that is to say the reason i'm killing time, i suppose it'd make sense to associate something here in this little note with the (required) title.  as faithful readers may note...sorry, strike that...as the one faithful reader may note...the one that comments i guess, i don't really know for certain if there's one reader or multiples.  maybe there's three, in which case i'm sorry for not really including you.  i just didn't realize you were there.  i suppose that's why the friendly giant always pulled up the three chairs; he just presumed that multiple people were coming, though you could always see that the chairs remained empty which was a shame.  i always wanted to be invited over to the castle to watch an impromptu jam sesh with the BFG and his gang, jerome the giraffe, rusty the rooster in a sock and those little cats.  man those guys were tubular (don't start that again with me).
anyways, i think simply this note was going to just be an observation of sorts...its about them ginger kids.  now i know you're thinking that i hate them and am going into a cartman style rant...well im not (entirely)  i mean sure there are some out there that are really funky lookin, and not the good kind of fuuuhhnnkeee, and not to be confused with that insurance creep vern fonk who i am convinced is a reformed sexual predator or something...he gives me the heebie jeebies. 
but with the redheads ive found that they're actually everywhere...maybe its just me noticing because i have a secret-not-so-secret love of redheaded girls.  perhaps its just the charlie brown/blockhead persona in me who figured that since no one else likes redheads, it'd give me an upperhand, cause we all know chuck was not going to get with any of the other girls, though they were too uppitty for my likings.  so clearly i am charlie brown, minus the baldness and zig zagged shirt...hmm well this changes everything.  i was just tryin to make people notice all the reds the next time they're walkin around somewhere super populated...it's a neat thing to notice.  and then you'll see they're not all bad...just like the normal people out there.  they can be hit or miss.  now if you excuse me, i'm going to get back to messaging my blonde girlfriend...not all the rocks you get at halloween have to be bad right?  i didnt say that though...she's not a rock.  she's a very lovely young lady...and you tell her i said that.  do NOT tell her i compared her to a charlie brown halloween. seriously.  DON'T...