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July 21, 2016

Stop making snap judgments about a single moment and think about the context!

Conservative radio show host Laura Ingraham is under fire for making what appeared to be a Nazi salute during her speech at the Republican National Convention. Watch the moment for yourself here. In typical libtard fashion, many on the left made the snap judgement that this was a Nazi salute, but if you take a moment to consider the larger context of the rhetoric of the RNC thus far and the ongoing tone of the Trump campaign, it’s easy to understand other things besides a Nazi salute the gesture could have been, such as:

  • a Nazi wave
  • a Nazi salutation
  • a Nazi sieg heil
  • a Nazi hello
  • a Nazi goodbye
  • a Nazi generic greeting
  • a Nazi aloha
  • a Nazi symbolic gesture meant to be understood only by white supremacists and to be ignored by the lame stream media
  • a Nazi homage
  • a Nazi call to action
  • a Nazi gesture
  • a Nazi arm-raised-hand-out combo thing
  • a Nazi yoga pose
  • a Nazi salute, but more just like an accident out of habit because Laura does it so much in her private time, not something she meant to do out in public
  • a Nazi solo high-five
  • a Nazi non-verbal acknowledgement
  • a Nazi nod
  • a Nazi gesticulation
  • a Nazi body symbol
  • hailing an indoor cab but in a Nazi way
  • a Nazi callback
  • a Nazi impersonation
  • a Nazi thing that Laura Ingraham is used to doing on the radio and forgot that for once people could see her talking
  • a Nazi salute

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