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June 29, 2008


since i have no cable/internet for god-knows-how-much-longer my home entertainment choices (when i've exhausted myself with basketball and music) are either movies or video games...now i've played most of my video games out to (and some well past) their conclusion, so, unless i feel a powerful urge to go on a killing spree in GTA4, i'm left with movies. this week i have watched:

batman begins

back to the future (parts 1 & 2)

the matrix revolutions/reloaded

the life aquatic with steve zissou

king arthur

alien vs. predator


batman (the tim burton one)

the warriors



and several episodes from the first season of south park

now, i'm not a fan of all of these movies...in fact, a two of them i cannot believe i sat through again (signs and spider-man). others, it was like an exercise in which you do something just to remind yourself that it isn't fun (the matrix sequels). a couple of them seemed better this time (alien vs. predator, the warriors). the batman movies will be watched on a weekly basis until the new one comes out (gotta get ready...i'm very excited about the new batman, if you can't tell). one movie shocked me with how much i enjoyed it this time (king arthur) and the rest are just great movies that i love and that the people i live with are willing to watch. and i'd forgotten how mind blowingly cool momento is. that movie is like a sexy cluster-fuck inside your brain...except for joey pants, he's not sexy, but i'm sure he gives excellent moustache rides, so we'll let him stay.

i'm guessing that 'the animatrix' and 'constantine' will be watched soon, and i'm sure i'll wake up too early one day and decide to kill the time by watching 'spartacus'. and 'fear and loathing in las vegas' is a flick that i can watch anytime, anywhere, so i'm sure that'll get play as well. and i haven't even gotten to any of my woody allen films yet.

i kind of like the way this movie thing is working. i prefer movies to tv anyay.

my roomate always complains that i don't have enough titty flicks, and he's right. the sexiest movies i own might be 'the crying game', 'basic instinct', and  'conan the barbarian' (arnold gets laid 4 times in CTB).

my wife always complains i don't have enough funny movies. that is ridiculous. i own 5 woody allen films, the kevin smith collection (with all of the clerks animated series)...the ENTIRE SERIES of wonder woman, three full seasons of south park (and the movie), at least 15 random episodes of 'family guy', the entire first season of 'the tick' (animated), the first season of 'friends' (don't ask...i didn't, it just appeared), every episode of chapelle's show (and really, after that, what else do you need that's funny?), and countless other comtemporary romantic comedies that people have given to me as gifts (i don't normally buy comedies, because life is funny enough)...things like '50 first dates', 'how to lose a guy in 10 days', 'keeping the faith', ect. and then the sort of comedy i will buy; 'do the right thing', 'american beauty', 'punch-drunk love', 'rushmore', you know, those movies that it can be a stretch to classify them as simply "comedies"...like 'fight club'...i think that movie is funny as hell, but you'll never see it in a comedy section.

also i have a couple movies for their unintentional (or, in my opinion, misinterpreted) comedy...'starship troopers' and 'signs' are my best examples of this

the most important quality in a movie is for it to make me feel something new...which is why 'fear and loathing in las vegas' is my favorite. no movie has ever made me feel like that one. that reverant irreverance towards everything human. the way that terry gilliam, johnny depp and benicio del toro bring hunter s. thompson's words to life is so incredible to me, well, i'd go on for hours...i guess that will be it's own thing if it wants to be. there are only a few movies that got even close to how 'fear and loathing' got me:


chasing amy

requiem for a dream

fight club


12 monkeys

das boot

boogie nights

american psycho


i'm sure there are others, but that's enough to see where my tastes lie.

feel free to say what you like about my taste in flim, and definetly feel free to invoke you own. i just like talking about movies and music, and this week, it's movies. so bring it on. what do you all love? what movies do what to and for you? what movies make your life feel better, even for just a few minutes? what movies inspire you to get up off your ass, and what do they inspire you to do when you're up? and any other questions i'm not patient enough to think of.