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September 27, 2010

Ever sat down and think about the things you see around you everyday? Who the heck was the person who first spoke the first word that we still use today? Why do frozen products take 2 minutes to cook in the microwave and 40 in the oven? We don't strive to answer questions like these, but pose them and make you think-holy crap, what the hell?

What’s up with this?  I recently had one of my e-mail accounts infiltrated by something or another.  It turns out that it sent messages with a dead Livejournal link in it.   Also, what’s up with Livejournal’s “Page not found” redirect? – see above.  That’s downright creepy.  If you want to tell me that there’s no such page, do that–DO NOT send me to a page with a creepy crying goat.   Anyways, back to e-mail hacking.

Besides the fact that it sucks and is a hassle to deal with, nothing cool happened. At least steal my information or some juicy gossip in my e-mail archive. Why send out a messed up link?  Why not send out something with substance that has subjects like “My penis hurts after a big session”, “Get a bigger flute” or the classic, “identify brontosaurus crockery taunt.”  Really, if someone or something is going to use my account–please don’t– to send something, send something worthwhile.  Instead of being forced to send out a ton of apology e-mails saying “Sorry about that.  I didn’t send out that message with the link.  Don’t click on the link – it’s a creepy goat,”  I want to be able to say “…yeah, it did hurt.”

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