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June 10, 2009


What a glorious night! A great turn out, a great launch, a lot of action and Freedoma has take off.

Dough was the venue to kick things off and it’s such a lovely space. Great eating area, decent drinks and a lovely place to kick back and dance. Best pizza place in Manchester some could argue. It was good to get things going with a little presentation on what Freedoma is all about. Our resident big heart mascot was there to bask it up. It was great to meet some of the infamous Freedoma faithful, along with those who are new to catching the bug. All in all, we’re not sure exactly where this will all go, but it’s a fun project and we’re learning along the way. A few of the little throw away badges seem to have been hugely popular! Lovely…..

More entertainment followed. ONITZHEAD did a blinding performance with their head turning sounds, dirty guitars, getting people dancing and moving around. They clearly went down well at the launch and won a whole bunch of new fans that night. They’re giving away one of their tracks ‘Sister, Brother, Music, Lover’ for anyone who signs up to their mailing list at www.onitzhead.com. Beautiful to have them down performing to celebrate with us.

Homecut followed and to be honest, they were outstanding. A seriously talented 6 piece band, fronted by Testament. Their recent single ‘I don’t even know’ featuring Corinne Bailey Rae, is genious! Homecut are one of the freshest and newest sounds on the street, and they were on people’s lips: it seems as though everyone in the toilets were saying- oh my word these guys are amazing. We are outstandingly proud to say that you saw them here first; they’re below the radar and we hope that their sound will reach the audience that will love it up all the way. Word is growing fast and some very cool people are getting involved in the sound. Spread the love about their single and watch a video of it here. Beautiful!

Rev Juggla continued to get the dancefloor dancing till late with his mash up of Reggae and old school classics. People seemed to forget it was midweek, dancing and giving it aplenty. Plates of delicious Dough pizza were being eaten all night, as people munched and drank to their hearts content. With lots of friendly people around; those who came down by themselves, quickly made friends. The Freedoma family is growing, and growing nicely!  It’s been great to celebrate the launch of what was a fun little project, but now seems to be gathering a whole load more momentum. Wootang!

Thanks so much for everyone that came down! If you missed it, register at Freedoma.com so we’re sure we’re to let you know about the next one.