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April 24, 2013

Yamaha is a sure hit to everyone. Built with a special lighted guide with on/off buttons, it will have you playing your favorite music or original compositions in no time at all.


Shopping for your first instrument can be very daunting particularly if you are looking to get a full size keyboard. There are so many good brands and models out there.  If you want to make the most out of your money and be able to grow as a musician, it is important to become knowledgeable about the best manufacturers and models for your needs.


Topping off at everyone’s list is the Yamaha brand.  Known for its fine craftsmanship, high quality and superb features for the past 125 years, Yamaha has been fulfilling every musicians dream. Among Yamaha’s top seller is the well-loved full-size Yamaha keyboard. Versatile, highly functional and that comes in two types – full-size or portable, the Yamaha keyboard were also designed to come in different models and brands for the consumers to choose from.


Yamaha PSRE-333 Full Size Keyboard


Boasting of high quality instrument sound, superb accompaniment styles and over 100 stored songs, the PSRE-333 full size keyboard produces crisp and super clear sound thru its Ultra Wide Stereo for a total enhanced sound field effect. The Yamaha's enhanced built-in education system ensures that this keyboard is also ideal for beginners.  Built in with the following features - 61 full-size keys, 497 sounds,102 stored songs, metronome and a  grand piano feature, it has a chorus effect, sound effects kit, auto accompaniment and a record/playback feature.


Yamaha Full-Size Keyboard with 88 Full-Size


Featuring 88 graded hammer-action keys, 293 instrument voices, 165 accompaniment styles and a 300-song music, this model is sure to tap into the creative juices of every musician.  It is also equipped with the graded hammer action that offers the same size and responsiveness as a piano. What’s more, it allows the user to send MIDI files back and forth from his computer to the keyboard with the adaptability of the USB port for easy connection to your PC.  The list of its sound effects includes various reverb, chorus, SDP, EQ and echo effects for creative playing.


Yamaha Full-Size Keyboard EZ-2000


The EZ-200 'lighted key' keyboard from Yamaha is a sure hit to everyone.  Built with a special lighted guide with on/off buttons, it will have you playing your favorite music or original compositions in no time at all.  A 61 Full-size keyboard that has touch sensitive light up keys, it has 100 songs and 100 styles that allows you to play any style of music and song you like - Rock, Big Band and even Country. It has 375 high quality sounds that you can access by pressing a chord or by playing it thru a single finger mode.  The EZ-200 has a follow thru feature that allows your music to sound like the other instruments or to be accompanied by the following - drums, guitar, piano and other instrument parts.


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