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November 23, 2011

Funniest Youtube profile up right now

LokisPadawan Profile

Describe Yourself:

I'm a 6 foot midget with three thumbs and a blond afro. I'm also a  Horse Milker at a Gay Stallion Farm . Well, I don't actually get paid-- I do it for job skills I 'll need later on in life.  I love rodents in paper tubes and  jumping out at woman from dryers in Laundry mats while screaming "I'M YOUR F%#KING CLOTHES NOW BITCH!!!.

Barry McCockiner

Relationship Status:
I love my nieghbors cat when No one is looking.

Hometown / Location:
Clear Water Colorado, I got banned after they kept catching me taking dumps in the local river

Muddy waters Alabama---They don't mind so much here.

Freelance Horse Milker of Male Horses(usually only at night or else that damn order of protection kicks in).

Happy Endings Stallion Farm

I went to the Canemarks School for the blind,  because being able to see was an obvious advantage there as a bully.

Getting pricetags for hookers and then buying a 90% off stamp for myself. Getting my nasal spray to stop talking to me. Inventing an easy to use lightswitch. Findind a way to market my clip on magnifying glass for pants(to make my bulge seem bigger). Becoming a used toilet paper salesmen.     

Favorite Movies & Shows:
Sound of Music played on Mute

Marley and Me Played backwards so it looks like the dog comes back to life.

Favorite Music:
Jazz  --because it sucks so bad it makes all other music sound incredible by comparison and reminds me of the people who need me to smother them in their sleep.

Favorite Books:
How to pick up woman in Prison.